Lone Wolf

About This Game

Lone Wolf: A Post Apocalyptic Beat-Em Up Role Playing Game. This action/adventure game lets a player use martial arts skills, weapons, and turn into a werewolf to fight their way through a world set in the aftermath of post nuclear devastation.

This game is considered to be a Beat-Em Up Role Playing Game, where you take control of a character and his special fighting abilities. Akin to the art of a comic book, it relies on 2D animation for the characters in a 3D environment to give it a new style to the games of today. It can be played as a single-player game or co-op with other players, in several modes of game play including a Story Mode and a multiplayer Fighting Mode. The game is currently playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.   The focus of the game play combines the aspects of a beat-em up fighting action filled game with the character building and interaction of a role playing game. However, the character building is transparent, for the most part, allowing for players to play as they want and get better at what they do best. The world is non-linear and open for players to explore and discover its secrets and have encounters with the denizens of the world in the aftermath.

This game has a very retro-feel as it takes the player back to the days of the beat-em up arcade machines of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and shows how fun a platform styled action/adventure game was and can be today.  

Current Features and Notes

All character art is hand drawn and the environments are all 3D modeled. The sprites and artwork is currently made for 1080P.

Main character “Lone Wolf” can transform into a werewolf to fight enemies

Comic book style cutscenes as part of a full storyline that the main character is engrossed in

Currently local multiplayer only, up to 4 players

Wrestler character “Brok” can be played in multiplayer or AI driven, more playable characters will be added in the future

Playable characters can be AI driven, if you play a multiplayer game and want to continue without your friend the playable character can be switched to AI on the fly. AI can be customized per character

Sneak kills can be made as the character is in some shadowed areas of the game

Characters have unique skills that increase in the way that you play, there is no level building, the character just improves their skills based on how often and how you use the skill.

Characters use weapons that they are skilled in, so there are weapons that can only be used by certain characters. Currently there are 28 playable weapons! 10 different guns, 3 different swords, 4 different knives, and a lead pipe that can be used by the main character Lone Wolf, and 3 guns and 4 heavy two handed melee weapons for Brok the wrestler, and finally 3 throwing weapons that can be used by both playable characters

6 Unique death animations per character, each character has different special moves to trigger the death animations on foes.

NPC character interaction and dialogue, there are branching quests and event driven dialogues that the main character can progress through

Customizable difficulty, camera control, and player input!







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